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jane embury"What a refreshing and rewarding experience it has been working with Callia Web. Having been traumatised by another web company for an upgrade to our old website, I had considerable anxieties at approaching yet another web company to get rid of the awful site I’d been left with. I was looking for a complete redesign and also wanted to find a way to simplify the navigation. "What a joy to find a small friendly company who actually listened to me and understood what was needed. The great ideas, the brilliant design and all explained in layman’s terms, made the whole experience enjoyable and rewarding. Jo and Leeann put in a lot of great work and all of us at Wrightstyle are delighted with the results. They’ve also given a couple of us the training we needed so that we can now add posts, pictures and newsletters with confidence. I can highly recommend them to sort out your website too."  Jane Embury - Wrightstyle - May 2016